Sunday, December 21, 2008

Blog Material For Life!

Impossible! No! It can't be! You're telling me if I follow what you say to do next I can have as much blog material as I want for the rest of my life?

Yes you can!

So how do I do this magical feat you're so brazenly letting out of the box?

It's simple:

Keep detailed notes of your processes.

Now what exactly does that mean? And why should I do that?

Well let me start with the why -

What is it that most people seek online?


And not just information - how-to!

They want to know how to apply something to their own lives.

Here's a great example:

Let's say you wake up one day and you decide you wanna learn how to row a boat (ok how about learn to water ski, who rows boats anymore - I feel the need for speed!)

So here you are sitting at home. You turn on your computer and open an internet browser. What do you do next? You type into a search engine: "How to ski"

Why? Because, that's what you want to find out.

So how can your blog posting be the page they find when they click enter on that search?

Very simple. If you've ever water skied you just write down the process of how you learned to do it yourself. This goes for anything you have learned and you can also apply this to anything you want to learn - yes that's right folks - you can become an expert almost instantly on any topic you want to blog about with just a little leg work and a little brainstorming.

Remember even if you're a beginner blogger that doesn't mean you have to have the mindset that keeps you at the beginner level! How fast you progress is up to you!

I'm going to give you a specific example related to blogging.

Say you want to learn how to write fantastic blogs!

Well you too are going to begin a search on finding that information.

This is where your "process" begins:

1. First you ask questions.

2. Then you seek answers.

3. Then you get information which you can apply.

4. Then you try out this information.

5. Then you improve upon this information with new ideas/methods.

It's these "new" ideas that you're going to use for your writing material.

This is what people want to know - how to do everything:

1. Better.

2. Easier.

3. Faster.

It you accomplish those three things then you've got it made baby! lol

And if you REALLY want to succeed I suggest you cite the original sources you used because they were key to your being able to write your own post.

So what are you waiting for? Start asking questions right now!

Endearingly yours,
CB Webmaster

P.S. Here's a link to a post I wrote which outlines the process I use for coming up with my blog posting ideas.

101 Things I Learned about Blogging in my First 12 Days of Blogging

1. Set yourself up to succeed. It starts with your attitude that you will succeed.

2. Writing a blog post can trigger a new post! So start writing!

3. You have to be more than just excited about what you're writing - it has to be like - "If I can't write about this then I wouldn't know what to do with myself"

4. Approach blogging like you would a new job which you have no previous training in. When you start a job you don't start off trying to get the "partners" to make you a partner right off the back. You earn the recognition by performing well - in blogging this means you write the best you can and you do it often.

5. You don't need any special training to become a blogger.

6. Learn the Rules then Break Them!

7. makes it very easy for anyone to create and effectively use their blog almost instantaneously!

8. Blogging takes a lot of time. (Hence why #3 is so important)

9. Getting people to your blog takes a lot of work.

10. Tips on blogging are really scattered - it's hard to find an all-in-one blog tip website for the information you need.

11. Finding Your Niche is not just an abstract concept or piece of useless advice.

12. Being yourself matters.

13. One of the number one concerns of bloggers is how to get readers to their blog.

14. If there's money in blogging it's like how there's money in modeling. Most of us fit into the category of advertisement models for weekly circulars as opposed to Top Supermodels.

15. Blogging is an intimate experience.

16. Blogging is the new form of a personal website.

17. Blogging takes very little technical know how.

18. Blogging is more interactive than social networking sites.

19. If you have any background in HTML code your blogging life is going to be a sweet experience.

20. Many Bloggers are very protective of their "ideas." They don't want you stealing them!

21. It's hard to contact many bloggers because they simply forgot to put an email address on their blog!

22. The majority of blogs out there are individually run as opposed to group blogs.

23. Bloggers have a tendency to think what they write is always prime rib.

24. If one of your blog posts ever disappears and you didn't back it up you're going to pee your pants.

25. doesn't put the word: permalink next to the permalinks for your posts!

26. Some bloggers will actually personally respond to you if you contact them.

27. Writing into the night is very productive (no interruptions).

28. Obsessive personalities will excel at blogging.

29. Perfectionists will be frustrated with blogging.

30. Your list of blog chores never seems to get any shorter.

31. If you have no social life then blogging will fit into your lifestyle very easily.

32. Readers who don't comment are like ghosts in the rain.

33. The attitude of self-interests seems to consume a lot of bloggers.

34. Finding a site that creates a sitemap that works on Google is really hard to find!

35. Google's blog search engine often gives an error and doesn't work!

36. Linking has somehow gotten way outta hand! I think the original intention of linking somehow got lost!

37. Bloggers have personalities (just like people in the "real" world!) Just remember people are not their behavior.

38. Getting linked by someone has become almost like a rite of passage.

39. The whole drama encircling blogging is like standing in the middle of a cafeteria filled with different cliques deciding which table won't reject you if you try and sit down.

40. Any research you want to do to improve your writing, your blog, or any aspect of your life can be found for free online. (Beware of people trying to sell you information!)

41. You don't need to sell anything on your blog to be successful.

42. There's a rise in "Professional blogging"

43. If you bring up the word "blogging" in your everyday conversations you'd be surprised how recognizable it has become.

44. Google promises much....I'm not sure it delivers it all though.

45. Everyone wishes they could make money from their blog!

46. There's a lot of advice out there that sounds like cliches but are really practical advice. (i.e. Know your audience, Be passionate about what you write, Content is King, etc.)

47. Authoritative Advice is a rare find.

48. The number of hours you need to churn out a high quality blog is more than you could ever get good paid for! (Don't quit your day job)

49. You can't just sign up for a forum and begin sharing your blog link right away! (That one shocked me - when did people make it so hard to let people know about their blogs?)

50. Don't let "statistics" discourage you.

51. Many blogs comment areas require approval from a moderator before your comment gets a chance to be heard.

52. You can really get trapped in the muddy waters surrounding blogs and forget your blog in the mess of trying to figure out what keywords you should use to get people to notice your blog.

53. Once you get into the groove of creating thoughtful clear blog postings it isn't that hard to repeat.

54. Blogging is like life - you never stop learning.

55. You're going to make errors. It's ok. Just go back and fix them.

56. If you don't know how to hyperlink you're going to want to learn that ASAP.

57. Blogging is supposed to be fun. Remember that!

58. If you wake up and think "oh man I have to write a blog posting today" - then it's time to stop blogging. Or join a group blog so you don't have to blog as much.

59. Traffic Exchanges take a lot of dedication - that means you've got to do it a lot! And doing it doesn't guarantee you targeted traffic

60. You should never feel an obligation to reciprocate a link.

61. Writing for an audience is important, but so is writing for yourself.

62. It's okay to pat yourself on the back when you write a really good blog posting. In fact if you ever say something really interesting you may want to consider submitting your quote to: CB Blogger Quotes - which exhibits quotes made by bloggers

63. Ads can be detrimental to your blog.

64. People can spot insincerity - so keep it real at all times.

65. No one knows about your blog? Don't worry you're in good company! lol Have patience and always keep your reason for blogging at the front of your mind - and if your desire to blog fades then it's okay - just because you began a blog doesn't mean you're chained
to it for life! lol

66. If you center your blog around trying to please everyone else you're never going to be satisfied - I guess the same goes for life as well!

67. Not every blog has to be "informative."

68. You can't forget to attend to your physical needs when blogging (showering, sleeping, eating, drinking enough water, taking breaks from staring at a computer screen for hours, going outside - there's an outside?)

69. There's a weird imbalance in the relationship between bloggers and their commentators. The need for validation and the emotional aspect of feeling appreciated vs. the need for finding an in to getting the ever so unreachable backlink!

70. Pretty much any value or principal you have in "real" life is applicable in the world of blogging. Don't abandon your principles out of desperation.

71. If you can't find your blog on Google neither can anyone else!

72. No one will ever really remember the URL for your blog off the top of their heads.

73. What matters to you matters to you. Don't expect it to matter to someone else.

74. If you think blogging is easy think again. It takes a lot of effort on your part. Yes that's right I said on your part.

75. You don't have to assimilate every little aspect of blogging from the onset - thinking you can will drive you crazy! And trying to will skip the driving part of that equation.

76. If you're a person who needs constant reassurance then blogging isn't for you - cause you're going to have to rely on your instincts and your intuition.

77. Confidence isn't just a state of mind - it's a state of action. In this case the actual act of blogging is in itself an act of bravery! You're telling the world watch out here I come whether you like what I have to say or not. Don't apologize for what you have to say. Speak your mind.

78. Blogging isn't about reaching an end goal - it is the process.

79. Blogging can be whatever you want it to be! Find out what you want then make it that!

80. If you use labels and make a list of those labels appear on your blog, people can readily find blog posts they're interested in by clicking on a topic rather than feeling overwhelmed by having to weed through a multitude of varying posts to find what they're looking for.

81. You may start off thinking you're going to stick to one topic but then find yourself writing posts that are "off-topic." That's okay no one ever said you had to lock yourself into one box. Branch out - heck even create another blog if your interest in another topic is that great! Or create labels so people can easily locate those different topics in your blog.

82. Writing well is important.

83. You can link your related blog postings to each other - it's okay. And it's good.

84. What You Write is Not Written in Stone!

85. You can become a successful blogger overnight.

86. With blogging you can reach for the stars but you'll never reach perfection.

87. If you make going back through your posts a habit you'll be able to improve your posts.

88. You can write long posts, just don't expect anyone to read them unless you make it worth their time.

89. Your readers will appreciate it if you find related links for them and place them within the context of your blog posts.

90. You can make changes to your blog template!

91. Check your hyperlinks. No one wants to stick around a blog that's "broken"

92. Give your readers more than what they asked for!

93. Most 101 lists only give a handful or really good tips. Why? Because people whip them out just trying to get linkbait. instead of trying to create 101 useful tips.

94. If you can, make your site an authority in its subject matter.

95. You don't have to go at blogging alone! You can create a group blog and invite people to join!

96. If you really immerse yourself in blogging you'll be able to write 101 tips on it in no-time flat!

97. Don't push yourself or you won't be able to move forward.

98. Don't forget to tell your readers why your blog is different! How many blogs do you think are out there on the exact same topic as your blog? Well let's not think about that we do want to keep our spirits up afterall! lol

99. Whenever you ask someone to link to one of your posts make sure you give them the permalink to the post not just the URL for your blog.

100. Be courteous to your fellow bloggers.

101. If I was able to write over 80 high quality blog posts in 12 days anything is possible!

102. If you type google with a lowercase g your internet spell check will underline it, but when you type it with a capital G then it recognizes it as a word. Freaky!

103. allows you to write your blog in different languages! Soon they're updating their available languages to 40 different languages!

104. People have different writing habits. Find out what works for you and then do that.

105. With media the way it is now you don't even have to know how to type to start a blog! You can create a video blog (vblog) or an audio blog called a podcast.

106. Become introspective. That's how I'm able to write my posts for CB Blog Success and that's how I came up with this list of 101 Tips for Blogging.

107. When you see your page appear in Google for the first time you may actually tear up!

108. Proofreading is a step you cannot delete - trust me I graduated college with a degree in writing and even I proofread my work.

109. You gain a new vocabulary as a blogger - SEO (Search Engine Optimization!), permalink (a permanent link), blogosphere (the world of blogging), linkbait (something that entices people to read your blog), ping (a computer action that allows sites to take into account new blog posts), Rss (Real Simple Syndication aka a Feed - a digest of a blog's posts which readers subscribe to).

110. You can find blog material for life as long as you follow a process which takes your idea from its inception to its completion.

111. Hey why is this list 111? I thought you said it was 101 Tips? Like I say always give people more than what they expect and you can't go wrong!

-CB Webmaster

P.S. I almost forgot one very important tip! Use a tape recorder to capture your ideas and to do lists. Once you start blogging you'll have plenty of both!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sincerely Yours

Boring! How many times can you sign-off this way?

Why not try a new creative signature?

Here's some of the ones I've used in the past:

Sincerely, (yep you can use it, just not every time!)

Take care,

Very truly,

Love ya,

Always providing titles,

Always at the top,

Wishing you much success,

That's all for now folks,


Brief works,

Keeping it clean,

Simply walking amidst bloggers,

Creating wacky approaches for you,

Free-wheeling reigning-in thinker,

Not as cheeky as you thought,

Feeling quite sheepish,

Have a groovy day,

Awaiting your response (and not with baited breath - or linkbaited breath lol),


That's all I've got for now,

Hope this helps,

Breathing in a deep sigh of relief,

Simple works,

Always learning,

Being bold as ever,

So how do I come up with these unusual sign-offs?

I just glance up at what I just wrote and use it as inspiration.

That should give you some ideas and if it doesn't (lol!) feel free to use any of mine - nothing I ever write is for keepsies.

But if you are creative I'm sure you'll come up with some better ones than mine!

See ya,
CB Webmaster

P.S. Just think how a different sign-off may make your post and your name stand out, and even possibly make it easier for you to find your post when you need to!

Blogging Chores When to Do them!


(when you decide to first create a blog)

Considering joining a group blog so you only have to do 1/3 the work.

Select template carefully.

Optimize and Streamline the template.

Create a Profile

Create Your Blogging Goals

Create a Plan of Action

Determine your targeted audience

Set up a Rss Feed

Create lists for new posts, posts to edit, post done, to do list, urls to look at, urls to share, etc.

Create directories on your computer to:
Keep track of correspondence
Place backups of your blog postings

Figure out your best writing method:
ex: hand writing, voice recording to type out later, or direct typing

Find your writing voice,

Find the best time to write (where you won't be distracted)

Write down your strengths and what areas you need to do research on to improve your skills

Optimize adsense (if you're using it)

Write up your brief description of your blog that promotes it best so you can use this when needed.

Determine the process you'll use to generate ideas for your blog posts.

Decide how you will drive Targeted Traffic to Your Site


Write New Posts
. (or at least every other day if your schedule permits)

Write down/Tape Record ideas for new posts.

Write down/Tape Record ideas you have to edit posts.

Add things to your TO DO List

Do Research

Bookmark interesting sounding articles/blog posts you want to read

Ping Your Blog


Create labels.

Update labels on old posts.

Respond to correspondence related to your blog (this can be done daily depending on the amount you have to respond to)

If you're on any traffic exchanges, do your duty.

Try and do some of the things on your to do list! Important don't let them back up!


Re-Prioritize Your TO DO List

Go Back and Read Your Posts

Edit posts

Unclutter Your Blog: Delete old posts that are not high quality content/relevant anymore.

Check for new features offered by your blog host. (Here's:'s updated Features)

3 Months:

Back up your blog

Submit your blog to 9 Rules

And of course whenever you can network with other bloggers and self-promote your blog!

Keeping it clean,
CB Webmaster

What if I need to write a long post?

Then you're out of luck!

No just kidding! lol

It's okay just make sure 95% of it is informative.

95% that seems pretty high?

Well not really.

The point of long blog posts, generally speaking of course, is to provide information your reader is seeking specifically on how-to do something which they've never done before - think of it as a tutorial.

So what about that 5%?

That I reserve for that for my self expression.

The problem I notice with most long posts is people interject their opinions throughout the entire post making it harder for the reader to extract the meaning of the post.

So by keeping your commentary to a minimum the reader can actually learn how-to do a process they've never done before!

Quite neat huh? :)

Very truly,
CB Webmaster

P.S. Go here for more info on suggested blog lengths.